Remain means Remain

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Remain means Remain

We will urge the Government and people from across the political spectrum to successfully stop Brexit. The Prime Minister should be putting the result of the referendum to a full debate in Parliament so that the decision taken by the British people can be given the democratic accountability required in Britain’s political system.

So what does Brexit mean?

Brexit refers to the UK leaving the European Union. It will mean a lengthy and protracted process of negotiation with our European allies in which we will probably have to choose between Single Market Access and ending freedom of movement, as well as a process of change in Britain as government, business and our politics attempt to mitigate the risks and dangers of ending our 43-year relationship with the EU, one which has been extremely good for stability in Europe, UK trade and economic growth, and the rights of UK citizens to live and work in the EU.

The challenge is huge but so is the opportunity. If we work together to stop Brexit, we can enable Britain to be one of the most successful countries of the 21st century. But there is a lot of work to be done to get there and we need to build the broadest possible coalition behind stopping the Brexit process. The difficulties Brexit poses could fill volumes, but some of the priorities for Remainers are:

  • People who voted Leave and people who voted Remain coming together to demand a democratic mandate for the terms of Brexit, either in a referendum or in a general election
  • Using all our people and resources to help us avert the most significant change to the UK’s economic, diplomatic and democratic arrangements in 40 years
  • Engaging individuals and communities across the country with stopping the Brexit process
  • Improving how our politics works so that the divide between voters and politicians – something the referendum exposed so starkly – is bridged, and the bond between the people – represented in Parliament – and their government is irreversibly strengthened
  • Continuing the free movement of people from the EU to avoid denying our businesses with the skills and talent they need to grow – while recognising that the pressures on public services are due to under-investment in services
  • Enabling EU nationals living and working in Britain to stay here and feel valued, and ensuring the same for UK nationals in EU countries
  • Accepting that EU regulation largely reflects globalised regulatory standards that enable UK companies to trade with the single market – and debunking the myth of EU ‘red tape’
  • Continuing to fund agriculture, science, research and poorer regions
  • Getting British businesses the best possible deal to sell goods and services into the Single Market – by staying in the Single Market
  • Negotiating new trade agreements between the EU and the world’s fastest growing markets
  • Strengthening our existing defence and security relationship with European nations and our NATO allies
  • Supporting EU nations to strengthen the European economy, meet environmental challenges together and manage migration flows on the EU’s borders – while remaining in the EU
  • Thinking globally, not just regionally, in choosing continued EU membership.