Campaign suspension

I will be suspending this NoBrexit campaign due to personal reasons which require me to focus my efforts elsewhere. Thank you for your support. I would suggest following other groups including the Co-ordination Hub and Britain for Europe to keep up with actions you can take to oppose Brexit. This website will remain up for now but I will not be checking replies or updating it further.

High Court rules against Government in Article 50 legal challenge

Today the High Court ruled that Parliament must vote to allow the Government to trigger Article 50. This was the result of the case brought by Mishcon de Reya (fronted by Gina Miller) and the People’s Challenge to the Government on Article 50. We identified this as one of the key roadblocks in the NoBrexit Roadmap to blocking Brexit and are glad to announce that it has been achieved.

The focus now should be on again writing to MPs to emphasise the consequences of the court’s decision for the Government and to argue again for MPs to block Brexit in Parliament, now that we know it is possible for them to do so.

While the Government is expected to appeal the High Court’s decision to the Supreme Court, we should be encouraged that the result in this case could well be upheld at appeal. In any case, the chances of stopping Brexit – especially a hard Brexit – just increased quite a bit.

New actions:

  1. Write to your MP today.
  2. Help to fund the People’s Challenge defence in the Supreme Court.


Update – Sep 2016

A lot has happened since the NoBrexit Roadmap launched.

  • Parliament debated the Second EU referendum petition in Westminster Hall.
  • Stronger In rebranded as Open Britain.
  • Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest.

However, the underlying case for stopping Brexit has not changed; Remain means Remain. With the current shift in the political mood towards a hard Brexit, it’s more important than ever to keep the option of remaining in the EU on the table as both politically acceptable and as the best outcome for the UK.

Remain campaign groups continue to organise and co-ordinate. In that vein, here are three campaigns that have been added to the NoBrexit site. I recommend checking out these groups if you haven’t already.

  • Vote for Europe: advocates tactical voting against Brexit-supporting MPs
  • KeepUsInTheEU: campaign site with excellent arguments and exposure of Leave lies
  • CommonGround: newly launched campaign site focusing on Ten Towns project to listen to Leave voters

Finally, Corbyn’s Labour is unlikely to oppose Brexit, so support for the Liberal Democrats has naturally become part of the relevant Roadblock in our NoBrexit Roadmap. The Liberal Democrats argue for a vote in Parliament before article 50 is triggered and believe there should be a referendum on the terms of exit, two of the aims of our NoBrexit campaign. Consider joining today.

Site Launch

NoBrexit.UK has now launched.

This site will not be collecting contact details as its focus is on what actions individuals can take – as individuals – to block Brexit. It will be updated as needed to reflect the changing landscape of the post-referendum Remain campaign groups.

You can keep up to date on site development here by following this blogroll and/or the Facebook page at

Future developments are planned:

  • BrexitFAQ section with responses to common arguments and objections
  • Banner graphics for roadblocks to improve social media visibility

Thanks for reading!