NoBrexit.UK was started by a group of concerned UK citizens in the aftermath of the UK’s referendum on EU membership which took place on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

We believe that the UK Parliament, being sovereign, should hold a full debate on the EU referendum and vote in the House of Commons against Brexit. We believe this course of action is in the UK’s national interest and is the only outcome consistent with the Parliamentary representative democracy that is the hallmark of the UK political system.

  • We believe in the importance of representative democracy in the UK. While we respect that the ‘will of the people’ has been expressed in the referendum, we believe the mandate for the UK leaving the EU, as demonstrated by a 52-48% split in the EU referendum (on 74% turnout), isn’t strong enough to justify triggering Article 50. We believe that the interests of the 48% minority need to be considered further in Parliament, and that the democratic principle of subsidiarity must also be addressed (i.e. Scotland and Northern Ireland should not be forced out of the EU).
  • We believe that the lies and broken promises from the leaders of the Vote Leave campaign amount to a betrayal of many of those who voted to Leave, and that Parliament must take this into account when considering how to implement the result of the referendum.
  • We believe that triggering Article 50 without a clear plan for the UK’s future in Europe (with respect to trade agreements, the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU, and financial support for parts of the UK currently funded by the EU), will make it extremely difficult for the UK to secure a good deal post-Brexit.
  • We believe that triggering Article 50 could result in the UK being locked into a two-year time limit for negotiating its exit from the EU, making it more difficult to secure a deal in the UK’s national interest. This could lead to a chaotic and extremely damaging sudden exit from the EU after two years, with a large body of current EU law simply ceasing to apply.
  • We believe that some time is needed for Parliament to consider the wider strategic interests of the UK, including the impact on the UK’s economy, our intelligence-sharing and security arrangements, and our ability to support our international allies and partners, who did not have direct representation in the referendum but would be greatly harmed if the UK decides to leave the EU.

Please support the campaign for #NoBrexit by working through our #NoBrexitRoadmapwriting to your MP to make your views heard, and spreading the word about our campaign!